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Following in the tradition of Upstairs, Downstairs and Robert Altman's 2001 Edwardian comic feature Gosford Park MANOR HOUSE takes a fascinating look at the grand and grueling British class system of the early 1900s. This new series, starring John Olliff-Cooper, Anna Olliff-Cooper, et al is another adventure in placing contemporary people into the lifestyle of a previous historical era, as in prior cultural-reality series 1900 HOUSE and FRONTIER HOUSE. However, this series is different, as there are distinct classes: the aristocratic family, the upper servants and the lower servants, all of whom must deal with each other according to the etiquette of the time. Within the house there is an intricate pecking order, which firmly places everybody in a set social position and decides every aspect of life--who can initiate conversation, who has pudding at lunch, who can have a bath and when. MANOR HOUSE brings to life the social status, interaction and class behavior of a bygone era.

Producer: Wall to Wall Television for Channel 4 in England i
Production Year: 2003
Discs: 3