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Iwo Jima: From Combat to Comrades

From Oscar and 16-time Emmy-winning Arnold Shapiro Productions…
For the men who fought perhaps the fiercest battle of WWII, 70 years have passed. But the memories of those 36 bloody days on Iwo Jima have not. In the spring of 2015, survivors from both sides of the battle returned for the last time to join a Reunion of Honor - a unique, now-peaceful fellowship first forged of fire and bullets. IWO JIMA: From Combat to Comrades takes viewers inside riveting dual stories: the iconic battle and this historic reunion as former warriors set foot together on the black sands of Iwo Jima. Their unforgettable journey was documented by two film crews. The American unit followed three US survivors while the Japanese crew documented the only Japanese survivor able make the arduous trip to Iwo Jima. The captivating film travels back in time to 1945 when these men first met. 90,000 combatants on an eight-square mile island. A dot in the Pacific Ocean just 650 miles from Tokyo. 28,000 men died either defending or taking this rock. Now, in 2015, men who lost so much make the emotional pilgrimage back to face the defining moment of their lives. There is no other battle in any 20th century war where former enemies would later come together for a ceremony of remembrance and forgiveness. IWO JIMA: From Combat to Comrades is a war story unlike any other.

Producer: Lori Mason Frye, Carol Fleisher
Production Company: Arnold Shapiro Productions, Inc
Production Year: 2015
Copyright Year: 2015
Director: Carol L. Fleisher
Host: Ryan Phillippe
Narrator: Ryan Phillippe
Discs: 1
Subtitles: Y
Subtitle Language: English
Audio Format: Stereo
Aspect Ratio: 16x9 Widescreen